Unable to Send and Receive Mails in Yahoo ?

Yahoo is used by the peoples around the globe. Yahoo mail is one among the sure and most powerful sources to form on-line communication through e-mail potential.

Facing issues along with your Yahoo mail account?

Generally, Yahoo mail users bother themselves because of receiving surprising errors at the time of sending or receiving emails.

Now, during this post, I will tell you the way to fix email errors in Yahoo mail. Yahoo support phone number is also available to tackle all issues of the users very quickly.

You can get the straightforward and stepwise answer to resolve an extremely searched statement “I am unable to send emails from my Yahoo account”. This is often the foremost problematic issue for Yahoo mail users as they can lose their only source of communication. Below I am discussing some issues and their solution, due to which users find them-self in trouble while sending and receiving emails.

Unable to send and receive emails using Web Browsers?

Are you facing issues while sending, replying Yahoo Mail using Web browser? If your answer is yes, then it means that some browser add-on or alternative programs on your system may be inflicting bother on the Yahoo Mail.

For operating properly you need to switch to the plain text toolbar.

  1. Log in to Yahoo Mail
  2. Select Compose
  3. Tap the double arrow button present on the right side of the toolbar
  4. A tiny window pop-up in front of you then clicks OK button
  5. Finally, compose your email and click send

Account Temporarily Blocked From Sending Messages

Sometimes email accounts interrupt emails from being sent, in case of any suspicious activity is detected on the account. That simply means Yahoo has temporarily blocked your account from sending messages and the ban will lift in 1-2 days without any effort.

How to Fix This Issue?

  1. Through CAPTCHA verification
  2. Send a plain text email to any recipient

Problems Sending Yahoo Mail from Mozilla Thunderbird

If you’re unable to send emails through Mozilla Thunderbird, firstly you need to validate that you simply have organized your email consumer properly. Follow the way to tackle Yahoo email service problems in Mozilla Thunderbird:

  1. Open Mozilla
  2. Select, create a new account
  3. The “Mail Account Setup” pop-up window will display
  4. Enter your account details as follows-
    • Your name: XYZ
    • Email address: xyz@yahoo.com
    • Password: xyz12345
  5. Now, the pop-up window will expand and choose POP3 from here
  6. Thunderbird will show settings for your account and from there choose Manual Configuration

Trouble in Sending Yahoo Mail from MS Outlook

If you can’t send emails from Outlook linked with your Yahoo mail account, you may be accessing the web through that linked ISP that is interrupting the SMTP port. In this case, modify port 587 while delivering email via Yahoo!’s SMTP server. To apply this change:

  1. Choose Account Settings from the Tools menu of Outlook.
  2. In Account Settings, a dialog box will appear.
  3. Choose your email account and tap on properties.
  4. The modified E-mail Account dialog box appears.
  5. Click more Settings by going to advanced tab.
  6. Type port ‘587’ within the Outgoing Server (SMTP) box.
  7. Finally, click on Apply >> OK and tap on exit the Account Settings.


The above-described problems are mainly that user face with their Yahoo email account. By making some changes the user can solve their mail account issues. Apply these methods and you will be able to send emails and receive emails from your account.

If you are still facing problem in sending and receiving emails than you take direct help from Yahoo support. Yahoo customer service phone number is available 24*7 for user support. The expert professionals at Yahoo center are always ready to provide support and instant solution to the users. Just give a call and get your problems resolved.

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