Facing HP Wireless Printer Offline Issue? Let’s Make It Online


Fix HP Printer Offline Issue

If you are working on your computer and taking prints from your HP printer, but suddenly a message flash on your screen, stating “printer is offline”. And after this, your printer is not printing a single paper and your work is interrupted.

There can be various reasons for a printer to go offline. It may happen due to the power issue, connectivity complications or it may be a matter of radioactive waves that are emitting from the devices kept near your printing machine, as radioactive waves may stop the signals coming from the router( In case of wireless printing). Also, old Ethernet cables can be responsible for this cause.

But, as nothing is impossible and if there is a problem then it has a solution too. So, let’s look for the solution in this post and change the state of your HP printer offline to online in Window 10, 8 or any other version of windows that you are using. Follow the step by step process given downside for a quick fix of your printing problems:

1st Step: Use HP Print and Scan Doctor

If you have latest Windows 10 or Windows 8 version on your PC/ laptop, then to fix printer offline problem you need to download HP printer and Scan doctor to troubleshoot printer offline error. In case, you are not using the latest version then just move to the next step. Here, follow the steps to use it:

  1. At first, download the Software.
  2. From download location run exe
  3. As the downloading process is completed, press Start button and after it, select your printer name from the list.
    • If your printer name is not present in the list then switch it Off and On again and then tap Retry.
    • If you stumble upon any interconnection problem, then for further instructions look in the tool.
  4. Here, tap on Fix Printing.
  5. Now after fixing, tap test Print and wait until it responds to test fail.
  6. Then here in next step, go to No Print option, and restart your print machine.
  7. If still, your HP printer says offline, then move to next step.

2nd Step: Reset the print environment

To restore the connection between printer and computer, resetting can also help you to fix obstacles due to which HP printer is showing offline. For resetting your printer, follow the steps given below:

  1. Switch off your HP printer and remove the power cords from it
  2. Also, switch off your computer system
  3. Now, plug in the power cord back into the printer and then turn it ON
  4. Now, you also need to restart your router device if you are using a wireless connection. To restart, follow up the steps:
    • Remove the power cord from your router
    • After waiting 10-15 seconds, plug in the power cords again
    • Look for the power lights in your printer
    • Now, tap wireless control panel button to turn off the connection and tap the button again to turn it on
    • Wait until your printer gets connected to your router
  5. Now, turn on your computer system and try to print
    • If your printer is accepting the command successfully and giving output, that means the obstacle is removed.
    • But, if after performing so many steps, your HP printer keeps going offline then move to next step

3rd Step: Set the default printer

If you have installed another driver like Web services for devices (WSD) then it may be possible that the default printer driver may change. So, you need to alter default printer driver with originally installed driver and after this process, confirm that your HP printer is not set to offline.

  • First, tap on Devices and Printers by going into the settings of your computer system.
  • Here, by going into the list right-click on the printer that is inactive and set it as your default printing device.
  • Now, after all the settings try to take a print out.

If you are still not able to take a print from it, then you can seek help from HP printer offline forum.

All the above-described steps are perfect for the troubleshooting printer offline matter. But, if you are tired of applying all the steps and still not able to make your printer available online for print, then in this situation you need to contact HP printer support number. This is the complete helpline where you will get a quick fix for all the complications that you stumble upon with your printing machine. We are licensed third-party authority and not associated with any HP official support. Our executives are available 24/7 to serve you best.


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