How Can I fix Sound Problem in MagicJack?


How to fix MagicJack voice problemMagicJack is a USB device that allows you to make free phone calls in USA and Canada. It is a low-cost service that requires an annual subscription to work. As compared to traditional phone service the charges are very low.

The MagicJack device plugs directly into your computer and a cord from it is connected to your landline phone to make calls. You can use MagicJack to make local and international calls.

However, user may experience some issues with MagicJack, like at some of the instances users get “No Sound” bug with the device. Solving issue like this is very easy. We have come up with the step by step procedure that you should follow to sort out “No sound” issue. Follow the steps given below-


First make sure the MagicJack Device is properly connected or not. It plugs into a USB outlet on device on your computer.


After it, check your telephone is connected to the MagicJack Device properly.


Now, open the MagicJack menu on your computer and select “Volume” tab. Inspect the volume settings on your phone to confirm that volume is not muted. Also, make sure that handset mode is selected.


Right-click on the volume button in the menu bar to open the sound menu. Choose the option “playback devices” from pop-up menu. In this menu select properties by right-clicking on the handset icon. Here, check that “DeviceUsage” option should be selected as enabled.


In case, if you are using computer speakers or headsets, then ensure that the right device is chosen from the given option.


Unplug your Internet connection wire for three minutes from your system. Now, plug-in again and wait till your Internet connection is re-established.


Finally, unplug your MagicJack device from your computer and then after restarting your device, plug-in back.

If the process described above does not work, you can contact our toll-free MagicJack customer service number helpline. Our tech support will provide you instant support regarding the same. Just give a call we are available 24X7.


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