How to Get Local Channels on Roku?

This is the most common question today that how to watch local channels on Roku. Now, it is not the missing piece for you to stream free channels of Roku.

People are very fond of watching TV, but the interest in channels differ from person to person. Someone likes to watch the news in the morning and the other one like to watch a movie. TV is a part everyday routine for some people and they want regular information of different field through it. For this need of people, there are different channels, so that people can watch according to their choice.

Roku has different channels for everything; either you want to watch movies, news, weather report, music or anything else. There are local channels on Roku and also there are skinny bundles like PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, Directv, MobiTV, etc. These can be integrated with Roku. Here I am telling you the way that how to get local TV channels Roku.

Streaming Local Channels on Roku for News, Weather, and Entertainment

To get local TV channels on Roku you need to install the app on your Roku TV. Roku Streaming Apps are very easy to install and use. After registration add these channels to your Roku account. After it, install same channel app on your smartphone or PC to start streaming local channels.  

Skinny bundles are the packages of pay TV channels that stream over the internet and each bundle offers a free trial. Here, I am listing few skinny bundles to watch live TV on Roku and also on the air TV and individual local TV apps.

1-For Local News

  • NEWSON: Streaming local news channel is for news lovers like me. The channel offers live and on-demand local news to me from 118 stations. I can watch this channel while traveling abroad and can watch my local area newscast easily.

  • News CBS: For local news, CBS the live TV on Roku is also accessible at minimal charges after 7days free trial. It offers 126 live clips. News CBS also offers on-demand access to your favorite episodes of CBS channel.


Popular Roku channels for entertainment are- DIRECTV NOW, PlayStation VueSling TVHulu Live TV, but with Roku a monthly subscription is required for these channels.

  • DIRECTV NOW: This channel from skinny bundle offers some regional sports networks.

  • PLAY STATION VUE: At first, PlayStation Vue was limited to Sony’s PlayStation gaming system. But now, you can get it on Roku live TV. All four main networks – ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox – on board are available on PlayStation Vue. It offers a free trial of 5 days and after that, you’ll have to pay charges, according to your package.

  • SLING TV: Sling TV is available for a long time and it includes ABC in one of its add-on packages. The other channels are included in other base packages that Sling TV allows me to supplement with add-on deals.

  • fuboTV: fuboTV is for sports lovers like me. The channel is entirely focused on live soccer coverage. It offers a wide range of TV channels from all the major networks except ABC. fuboTV offers single base packages and a few different add-on packages, related to sport.

  • HULU: Hulu offers just one base package and this single package includes live streams of ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC. Also, it offers a package of add-ons premium channels. Once your free trial has expired, you need to pay a subscription fee.


I am weather junky and I want regular updates about the weather. So, WeatherNation and The Weather Network are always available here for me, absolutely free. Both the channels keep me updated about local weather forecasts and extended forecasts for my location. You can also get weather reports about your region easily. By connecting to Roku device you can get regular weather updates.

4-LOCAL Radio

Roku TV channels iHeartRadio and TuneIn are my favorite channels for listening local radio, where I can listen to music, sports radio free of cost. These both channels bring my hometown DJs and favorite local radio stations to me.

  • Local Antenna Channels

According to your location, you can receive over-the-air broadcasts from all of the main networks like CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX. If you have a Roku TV, you can watch Roku private channels by downloading the app and connecting to the antenna.

In case I missed something or you want any suggestion regarding Roku channels or anything else related to Roku. You can contact freely on Roku customer service number.



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