Ways to Enhance the Wireless Connection on Your Roku Streaming Device

Just imagine you’re at the most critical point in a movie and suddenly your internet stops to buffer. Moment ruined. It is one of the most irritating situations. Sometimes you feel like your neighbor’s Wi-Fi is working better than yours. Nothing puts a restriction on a streaming session like a bad wireless connection, so here we are offering some unique tips so that you can happily get streaming on your Roku TV or Roku player. Before calling your ISP, try the steps given below to improve your wireless internet connection.

Check Your Wireless Signal Strength

Let’s initiate with a standard tip. If you’re watching a video buffering then checking your net speed is a smart move. Your Roku device provides info about the strength of the wireless signal it’s receiving.

• On your Roku device, move to Settings > Network
• When connected, the signal strength is shown on screen as glorious, Good, Fair, or Poor

If you discover that your net speed is slower than the expected one, contact your net Service supplier (ISP) for the solution.

Reduce Traffic on Your Wireless Network

When it is possible for you, limit the utilization of different internet-connected devices on your network. Removing devices from your network might increase your bandwidth greatly. If you need to have multiple devices connected and you’ve got a dual-band router, you can try moving your Roku player to a band all by itself. To do so, please discuss with your router manufacturer’s website or manual.

Check Your Advanced Router Settings (firmware)

Manufacturers sporadically create pinch and optimizations to their package to increase performance and security. Therefore, it’s an honest plan to create a habit of checking your router’s code on an everyday basis. Most makers create this a reasonably easy method. For more info about updating your code, please visit your router manufacturer’s website.

Create a Strong Home Network Password

A wireless extender can increase the wireless coverage and range your home. Typically, moving the Roku player or wireless router doesn’t work well, thus this could be a worth working. There are several choices – seek advice from your network supplier, be it your ISP, a distributor or perhaps the wireless router manufacturer to visualize if they have a suggested model.

Limit the Devices Controlling the Internet Speed

You’re streaming a movie while another person is playing the game and another member of your family is suffering internet, this way there will be heavy internet usage in your home. You can either tell them to switch off their devices or you can invite them all to a family movie night to avoid the problems.

Change Your Wireless Channel to a Less Congested One

If you reside in an exceedingly dense area, you’ll be able to see different wireless networks around you. It’s sometimes advisable to remain on a separate channel to avoid interference. Channels 1, six and eleven are unremarkably suggested, as they need no overlapping frequencies. Details on dynamic the wireless channel setting may be found in the user manual for your router. In some cases, you’ll require updating your wireless router’s code. Visit your router’s manufacturer to verify that the most recent version should be installed.

Find a Trusty ISP

A good wireless net service supplier is a vital asset.  According to Netflix monthly ranking report, among the ISPs, Google Fiber stands at first, while Verizon, Mediacom, Cablevision, Comcast, Charter and Time-Warner Cable following up from the rear.

If still you’re having trouble streaming on your Roku, or you need help or additional support then feel free to contact us @ Roku customer support number for assistance. We’re always available for help.


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