MagicJack not Starting Automatically at Bootup? Follow the Tips

MagicJack not Starting at bootup

MagicJack is one device that is simply loved by numerous individuals. It’s been rated as a product of the year for past a few years. Named as skype killer, it’s been adopted by many folks in USA and Canada. In fact, many people in India have conjointly started using MagicJack and MagicJack Plus. It permits you to establish free Calls to America and Canada from any country you are using the device.

We thought to assist our readers and provide them solutions to all the issues associated with Magicjack. One of the common problems like MagicJack does not start automatically at boot-up is mentioned here. We’ll assist you out with this problem and will provide you the best solution.

Your MagicJack should start automatically if plugged into a USB port on your computer. Make sure your device is properly attached to your system and if it still doesn’t start, unplug it and plug in again into a different USB port. If the issue still continues, please follow these steps given below to resolve it:


Make sure MagicJack application is active on your computer. To check perform the following task:

  1. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL on your keyboard and open your task manager. Select it.
  2. Now move to the “Startup” tab.
  3. Search for the application named “MagicJack (cdloader2)” and confirm that it is “enabled”.


  1. Go to C drive>Documents and Settings>Users>Application Data>Roaming> mjusbsp> in00000.
  2. Copy the file named as “setup”.
  3. Now, tap on the Start button and select all programs, then right click on the Startup folder, and tap to open all users, Paste the copied setup file into this folder.


  1. Open control panel, select folder options, tap on ‘view’, check View hidden files and folders, enter apply, tap OK, and come back to the home screen by closing control panel.
  2. Go to C:>documents and settings>[your name]> Application Data> mjusbsp> in00000
  3. Copy ‘setup’ file and close the folder.
  4. Tap on Start button go to All Programs, right-click on the startup folder, and open all users and paste the copied file here.

If you still experience problems, with your MagicJack device, you can contact 24*7 available MagicJack helpline. MagicJack customer service number is available every-time for user support and the expert technicians are capable of providing an instant solution for all the problems.

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