MicroSD Card Not Recognized or Not Working on Kindle Fire

MicroSD not working On Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire e-book reader by Amazon is one of the best device manufactured by the company. With an e-book reader like Kinder, one can save thousands of books at a time and also it is easy to access books online. Also, it has more amazing features and its single charge lasts for about a week.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has been upgraded various times and every time it comes with some unique features like Kindle Fire HD, different size of tablets, attractive looks, etc. But as we know it is an electronic device and like other electronic products out there you may face some problems in your Kindle device also.

I am very fond of reading books and whenever I get time I start reading books. I do prefer reading my textbooks on my Kindle e-reader and I carry it all around. Moreover, when I don’t have my Kindle e-book reader with me I store different type of books data on my MicroSD card and later transfer those books to my Kindle Fire HD e-book reader.

Like many readers complain about that their Kindle Fire tablet is unable to recognize their MicroSD card or unable to read data on MicroSD card. I also sometimes feel annoyed as I am unable to upload the books from MicroSD card to my e-book reader. Somewhat related to annoyance is that I want to be able to open all my reading materials on my e-book that I have saved on MicroSD.

MicroSD shows different types of issues like sometimes it shows connected to the Kindle Fire reader and sometimes it auto back out from the device.

In this situation sometimes MicroSD card works intermittently or simply become inaccessible. There may be various reasons for this problem, means the problem can be in SD card or maybe the problem is in the device.

So, let’s take a step to troubleshoot this issue. Below, I am discussing some tricks that you may use to fix this issue:

Steps to Troubleshoot Kindle Fire MicroSD Card Problem:

  • First, charge your Kindle e-book reader tablet upt0 100% by using original charging accessories and after it reset your tablet by pressing the reset button for at least 20 seconds.
  • Now, after reset connect it to a Wi-Fi network that it should download and install available updates without any interruption.
  • After that again turn off your tablet device and remove your MicroSD card. Wait for a while and put the card back into the device.
  • If you have any cover case on your Kindle tablet then remove it, because it may be applying some pressure on the card.
  • Visit Manage Your Content and Devices page on your PC and log in. Ensure that your device is registered. You can also check registration by swiping down from the top and clicking on Settings > My Account > Register.
  • Look into Settings > Storage > SD Card and adjust some content categories. However, they should be on the MicroSD card by default.
  • If nothing works, then switch off your tablet and remove MicroSD card from tablet and slide it into your computer system. After it backs up your files and reformats the card. In Windows, you’ll need to right-click on the SD card and select the format and then choose from FAT32 or exFAT.

Kindle is a great device to use and don’t let such minor issues trouble you. The above steps are enough to resolve your MicroSD card problem on your Kindle Fire HD device.

In case you face more problems or this problem is not resolved by the above-given step, you may contact our Kindle fire tech support number. Customer care and experts there will solve your problem. Our support is available 24*7. Just give a call and surely you’ll get a solution for your problems.


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