How to Renew Magic Jack Subscription

MagicJack is the device that plugs into the user computer and offers low-cost VoIP solution. MagicJack allows free calls to USA and Canada from one MagicJack number to any other MagicJack number.

It’s basically a very cheap service for calling but requires high-speed internet and a landline phone to call with.

MagicJack requires an annual subscription at minimal charges. If your MagicJack subscription has ended, you need to renew it to continue with its services.

In case you don’t renew the subscription, the software will not make calls. You can renew MagicJack license in few minutes by online method, but you can’t renew it by telephone. Magic Jack offers various renewal options; choose the best option according to you.


Go to, to renew MagicJack subscription.


Go to log in page and the login button is located near the top-right corner of the homepage. Use your phone number or email address and password to log in.


Click on “Customer Care” and select “Extend Your License.”


Now, select your renewal plan. You can renew your license for either:

  • 1-year renewal (Gold Plan)
  • 5-year renewal (Platinum Plan)


Click next, after choosing your renewal plan.


Now, the system will ask you to enter your debit/credit card details, and other information. Complete the renewal process by adding details.


Now, Plug-in your MagicJack device into the system, it will take few minutes to set up.


Start making calls now.

If you come across any difficulty during renewal process and you are searching for the immediate support, contact us. We are the leading tech support providers for the issues related to MagicJack subscription. Contact our 24×7 available MagicJack customer service number, to speak with our tech experts and seek help.

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