Roku Remote Not Working? Get the Best Solution Here

You cannot have a favorable experience with your Roku device when Roku remote is not working properly so you need a quick fix.
Roku Remote not Working

A number of users face problems with Roku remote as their device remote starts showing problems while being used, but users don’t need to panic as there are some solutions available. And by applying those solutions and tricks you can sort out the problem easily. Before moving to the solutions you first need to know the type of your Roku remote, as there are various types of remote available, like- Standard IR remote, point anywhere remote, etc.

If you don’t know the type of your Roku remote and you want to check it, so just go to the battery compartment of your remote and open it. Hereafter opening, if you see a pairing button, that means it is an enhanced point anywhere remote, and if there is no pairing available that means your remote is IR remote.

After you have found out the type of your Roku remote, now let’s have a look at the possible solution on How to fix Roku remote.

Standard IR Roku Remote


1st Solution: Ensure that signal isn’t blocked

It may be possible that signals from your remote to the device are blocked due to some obstacle in the way if it is so, then makes sure you remove all the obstacles and your pointer should be directly on the streaming device. When there will be no obstruction and still you are unable to use Roku remote on the device, then search for the next cause.

2nd Solution: Reset the batteries

The next thing you can do to make your Roku remote working is that you can try to reset your Roku remote batteries. To reset, open the flip cover from the back side of remote, now remove the batteries safely and put them back into the remote as usual. After this check that your remote works or not, by pointing it towards your streaming device.

3rd Solution: Replace the batteries

If your Roku remote not responding after applying the steps described above, you can try one more trick and that is replacing your Roku remote batteries. Just buy new batteries from market according to your remote size and insert them into the remote by taking the old one out.


Enhanced “point-anywhere” Roku Remote


1st Way: Restart your Roku device and remote

If you own a point anywhere remote, then restart your Roku device as well as your Roku remote. To restart the device, remove the power cable from your Roku streaming device and to restart remote open back cover, remove batteries and then wait for 5-10 seconds and plug them back. This trick can work if your Roku remote and device are not pairing with each other.

2nd Way: Repair the remote

Repair the remote is another solution to make your remote work. After applying How to reset Roku remote trick, again hold and press the pairing button for about 3-5 seconds or till the lights on the remote start blinking. After it, wait for about 30 seconds till the remote connect with Roku device and the pairing info box flash on your TV screen.

3rd Way: Replace the batteries

It may feel irritated if your Roku remote won’t work after applying all the tricks and possible solution. In this situation, you can give one more try and try to fix this problem by replacing the batteries of your Roku remote. In enhanced point anywhere remote the process is different as compared to IR remote. Remove batteries from your Roku remote and also plug out the main cable from the device. Wait for few seconds and then re-plug.

Overall Solution

If the above-described solution doesn’t solve your Roku remote problem, then here we are providing you the tricks that will work on all of Roku remote and it doesn’t matter what kind of remote you are using. We are not providing you guarantee to change your Roku stick remote not working status to working, but it will allow you to continue using your streaming device.

1-    Download the Roku App

Are you tired of trying all the possible solution to fix your Roku remote and still your remote is not working, so here we suggest you the best solution. And that solution is; you should download the free Roku app and through this app, you will be able to control your streaming device with your device. To download this app, go to the play store or Apple’s app store as this app works on both Android and iOS.

2-    Get a new remote

This is the final solution if your Roku controller not working. You can buy a new remote from the official website of the company or from an authorized dealer in the market. But before you purchase, make sure you know about which remote you want as all the Roku remotes don’t work on all streaming devices.

So, these all are the possible solution to fix Roku remote, you can also take help from Roku tech support to solve your problem related to Roku remote. Also, tell us in comment box which tricks worked.


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