Top 5 Apps for Free Calling In US and Canada- You Might not be Aware of

Free Calling In US and Canada

Who doesn’t want to make a free phone call?

Technology is so advanced these days that you can make calls from your smartphones even if you don’t have credit in your account but make sure you are connected to the Internet.

There are various applications available that can be used to make free calls in US and Canada. Applications can be downloaded to your smartphone, tablet or computer system and will allow you to make calls if you are connected to Wi-Fi network.

Here in this post, I am going to tell you about some awesome applications that can be used for free calling in US and Canada region. By using these applications you can either call from your PC to any mobile or from mobile to landline and vice-versa.

Note: You can’t use these applications to make calls in an emergency. For the emergency situation, you need traditional landline phone or mobile.

Google Voice:

Google Voice is one of the finest apps for free calling in US and Canada region. In Google voice user also gets free SMS service, conference call feature and free voice mail service. In addition to this Google, voice works on all OS like Android, iOS or Blackberry. After connecting once you can limit a call to three hours and after that the call will be disconnected automatically, but you can again connect to the same number. By using Google voice app you will be able to make free calls to any real number, from PC to PC or PC to mobile.

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM):

BBM was earlier restricted for Blackberry users only and can be used only for sending and receiving text messages. But now this application is available for making free audio and video calls. Moreover, now Android, iOS and window phone users can enjoy its services. To connect with each other on BBM, it requires a pin and that is given to you after installing the app. The only drawback of BBM app is that you can’t make a call to landline phone through this. But you can send pictures, money, files and documents through this app.


MagicJack is one of the finest free call service providers in US and Canada. It is a small device that can be plugged into your PC/laptop USB port and then after connecting your system to the Internet. Now, you will be able to make calls. It is more popular for its cheaper hardware equipment. Through MagicJack, you can call anywhere throughout the world and calling charges are nil. As if you want to make a call from London to New York, you just need an internet connection. One more advantage of MagicJack is that you can make calls to a landline to mobile or vice-versa. In simple words, we can say that the app is very reliable and fulfill the user aspect in every way. The app is free to download on the App Stores for iOS devices and Android devices.

You can also contact to MagicJack customer support number if you come across any difficulty in making calls. Here, tech support executives will resolve your queries in a very short time period.

Vonage Mobile:

This app is something different from other free calling apps.Through this app a user can make free phone calls, video calls, text messages and also this app can work on your existing mobile number. Vonage mobile app is available for iOS, android and windows users. One can easily download and install the app. Also, you can upload your smartphone contact list to Vonage mobile app and can easily identify the other Vonage users. After uploading the contact list, the person already using the same app will appear in a dedicated section, so that you can connect with them easily.

Whistle Phone:

It is another amazing app that can be used to make free calls via the Internet. Through Whistle Phone, you can make free calls after downloading the app to any PC or smartphone. This app is available for Android, iOS and Windows users. After sign up for the app, a real contact number is allotted to the user. It also gives the option of chat to its users and if you want to make a call to any number that is not a user of this app, the time limit is 20 minutes.


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