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Disclaimer: Hotmail support is the third party tech support provider and the logos or trademark used here are only for reference purpose and originally belongs to Microsoft only. Our third party support doesn't have any link to the official Hotmail support.

Resolve Email Problems with Hotmail Phone Number

Hotmail is one of the earliest and chart-topping email service providers for personal and professional use. It was launched in the year 1996 to engender communication network and to make online work flawless for the users.

Hotmail is encapsulated with various latest features and to make the email service more reliable and user-friendly, Microsoft makes changes regularly. It is a part of Windows live suit that includes messenger, search engine and much more.

Due to its exceptional features, Hotmail has become a vital part of communication for the people working in different fields. However, it is also not immune to the technical setbacks that you may encounter on a sudden. If you get hit upon any obstacle with your Hotmail email then it can lead to your loss.

The quick fix of your obstacle is to contact Microsoft support. Also, Microsoft Hotmail support is the incomparable destination for the users facing technical problems with their Hotmail email account. Because, at this point, you will get a quick fix for your account related troubles by technical experts.

Issue Resolution at Hotmail Help Number

Since Hotmail is one of the largest services that are used worldwide to send and receive emails. So, in this large chain of sending and receiving emails chances are high that user may bump into assorted issues. But our qualified authorities are also capable to solve all the problems of Hotmail users and make their work hassle-free. You will get our services only if you will contact Hotmail customer support. Also, we are mentioning some subjects below in which our professionals offer help.

Way to Connect with Hotmail Helpdesk support

1st Step:

First of all, open your internet browser and log in to your account by entering your email id and password.

2nd Step:

Now, go to the upper right corner of your computer and here you will see a "Help" option, Tap on it.

3rd Step:

After clicking "Help", a drop-down menu will appear in front of you. Select "Support" from it.

4th Step:

In support forum, you will see an option "Ask a question". Click on it and in the space provided type your question. Also by typing, you will see some similar question list in front of you.

5th Step:

Pick the question that is related to your trouble strictly. Hopefully, you will find the answer to your query in the list positioned at support page.

In case you are incapable to find the answer of the inquiry that you have selected, then again go on "Ask a question" and post your question here in the community forum. Whenever somebody will answer your question you will get a notification in your mailbox.

6th Step:

If after waiting a long you didn't get the quick fix to your dilemma then you may contact to official Hotmail help desk as they implement live chat and call support methods to serve you better. You may get in touch with them from Monday to Friday and the timing will be 8 AM to 1 AM. Also, if you want to contact them on Saturday or Sunday, then the timing is 8 AM to 8 PM.

Hotmail Third Party support number

As in this world, there are millions of Hotmail email users but it is not possible for all of them to resolve every matter linked to their email account. And the reason that people can't do this from their end is, that they don't have a technical background. Also, if they try to call the authorized Hotmail helpline number, it takes a lot of time. This can harm their work and business activities. At such moment user look for any reliable and prompt service provider to resolve their issues.

And for such users, our Hotmail support phone number is always ready to solve their problems. We are the third party support provider and have no link to official Hotmail support. We provide help in all the problems of your account, whether it is related to account blockage, hacked account or if you are not able to send and receive email.

Our licensed authorities are hardly competent to attend user complications attentively and guide them to a suitable quick fix right away. By contacting us, you will get an unmatched response in all aspects. Just have a look at features of our helpline:

  • 24/7 and 365 days Availability.
  • Minimum waiting time - 2 mins
  • On the spot solution for all the problems.
  • Expert and experienced tech team.

How does Hotmail phone support Work?

Here, we are defining some problems related to Hotmail email, through which you will get a general idea that how our Hotmail toll-free number works.

Unable to Receive Emails

If you are unable to receive an email in your inbox then no need to get annoyed as Hotmail support email helpline will hand over you complete support. Just follow the step by step mechanism given below:

  • At first, go to your web browser and log in to your Hotmail email account.
  • Now, open your contact list and add the particular sender name in this list.
  • After it taps on "OPTIONS".
  • Then select "mails" from the left side of this page.
  • Select "Junk e-mail protection" from this list.
  • As this list will open in front of you, from it choose "Safe list".
  • Here, enter sender's name.
  • Tap "Add".
  • After adding the name to the "Safe list" you will receive all the emails now.

Hotmail Is Not Working, How to Fix?

If Hotmail is not working or we can say you are unable to load a website on your system, then no need to worry. Just follow some instructions given below and get your problem solved:

Check Your Server Status:

First check your server status as it may be possible that server is down in your area, due to which you may stumble upon such problem. You can check your server status at

Browser Troubleshooting:

Also you will not be able to load your website if your web browser is corrupted. Fix your browser by deleting its history, deleting cookies and then reset it.

Network Settings:

If you are unable to load your website then the network can also be the reason. Check your network settings and if there is an issue with it, then try rebooting your modem and router. After it tries again to load your website.

The above-given matters linked to Hotmail are just an example that how our Hotmail contact number guides a user and in what types of a dilemma. If ever stumble upon any trouble with your Hotmail account, feel free to contact us as we deliver the finest solution.

Disclaimer: Customer support service is the third party service provider for technical issues related to emails, routers and some other services. We have trained specialists and experts who are certified by leading tech support companies to provide you the best technical support. The logos, company name, icons, images and trademarks used on our third party tech support site are strictly for reference purpose only and belong to their respective owners.
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