Why it is Necessary to Change My Yahoo Password?

Don’t you know how to change Yahoo password on Android or iPhone?


Don’t you have any idea how to enhance your account security?

So here we will walk you through all possible ways on how to change Yahoo password.

As it’s always good to change your password timely and make sure every time it should be unique from your previous passwords.

Sometimes you need to change your password for various reasons as if your account is not secure?

In situations like if you forgot your Yahoo account password or your account is hacked or in any other situation you can easily reset it.

Steps of Yahoo Mail password change Revealed

To help the entire Yahoo users and relieving their tension that has occupied their minds due to Yahoo password change, here we are telling some simple steps so that their problem can be resolved easily.

  • Open a web browser into your computer system.
  • As, web browser window is displayed type yahoo.com in the web browser.
  • Once the Yahoo login page appears on the screen, enter your Yahoo ID and password and then tap on sign-in button.
  • Move your mouse cursor over your name mentioned alongside a profile image and click on it.
  • You will be moved to the personal info page after clicking and then you will see various options on the left side of the screen.
  • Tap on account security from the given options and then you will be asked to prove your identity by entering your login id and password.
  • Once your authenticity is approved, you will be redirected to account security page.
  • Here you will see a link "Change Password".
  • Tap on the link and wait a few seconds till a new window will appear on the screen.
  • As the new page is displayed, it will ask you to enter the new password twice as per Yahoo security protocols.
  • Press 'continue' after entering the password twice.
  • After that a new message will display on screen "Your Password has been updated".
  • Make sure that recovery email address and mobile number have been verified successfully.
  • If yes, tap "Looks Good" button.
  • Finally "Your Security Settings are now updated" this message will appear on your screen.
    By following the steps described above and by implementing the procedure of change Yahoo mail password you can easily reset your Yahoo mail password.

How to Change Yahoo Password on Mobile and Tablets?

Use of internet is increasing rapidly, people are getting digitized, people are performing various activities like, internet surfing, social interaction, email access, etc. To make all these tasks easier for user convenience, Yahoo! has launched an app compatible with both type of operating system like - IOS and android.

Though now users access Yahoo mail through mobile apps downloaded in their smart phones device, but users always have some questions in their mind. Here we have listed some of those:

  • How to change yahoo password on an Android device?
  • How to change yahoo password on the iPhone?

Due to lack of technical knowledge and experience, users themselves are not able to change Yahoo password on their smart phones and iOS devices. But users don’t need to worry about as we are enumerating step by step process below, to do so.

Steps to Change Yahoo Mail Password on Android or Tablet

  • Pick up your android device and navigate to Yahoo mail App.
  • Click on it to open the app and wait for a few seconds.
  • After opening the app, the dashboard will appears on the screen of your android device.
  • Now click on three horizontal lines on your screen that indicates to open the menu.
  • After opening the menu, click on the manage account option and then again go to account info page.
  • In the account info menu, go to the security settings.
  • Here you need to confirm your identity by entering the valid password. After it account security page will be opened in front of you.
  • Here look for the password change option and click on it as you see it.
  • After clicking on password change option you will see a new slide, asking about to activate account key and get rid of password.
  • Ignore it, go down the screen and search for I would like to 'change Yahoo Mail Password' text.
  • Click on this text and a new window will open in front of you.
  • In this slide it will ask to enter a new password. Enter the password twice.
  • Finally, click “continue” to successfully change password on your android.

Steps to Change Yahoo Mail Password on iPhone Device

  • In your iPhone go to the Yahoo mail app icon.
  • Click on the icon and open Yahoo dashboard on your.
  • Here after entering Yahoo mail, click on the three horizontal lines to open sidebar.
  • In the sidebar, scroll and look for the account info.
  • After it choose account security option in it.
  • Here, after going to this Yahoo page look for Change Password and just click on it.
  • As you click, the next moment a new screen will appear and here you will be asked to enter new password for your device. Enter the password twice.
  • Finally, tap continue to bring the changes in effect.

How can I Change my Yahoo account password, If I don't know the Old One?

Don't remember your previous one and want to change Yahoo password? There are various myths about Yahoo password change, like some people think that it is possible to change Yahoo password only if someone know about the current password. But it is possible to change your password if you don’t know the previous one. Yahoo account key feature should be enabled by the user and after that the password change process is completely same.

With Yahoo Account key feature, people are surprised and want to know the process of account password change through this way. There is nothing much special in this method as Yahoo change password is very easily possible and if you are not able to do so, then Yahoo helpline are there to provide complete solution in such situation, take help from them.

User only needs to enable Yahoo account key feature through Yahoo App to change password through this way. After enabling the feature you will be provided with unique Yahoo account key and that will be a unique one to access your inbox quickly. It implies that your current password will not be used to log in your account. After enabling this there is no chance that hackers can access your account from anywhere.

Enhance Yahoo Account Security by Changing Mail Settings

Previously users believe that only by changing their account password they can increase the security of their account. But I want to tell you that’s it is not the complete truth. To make your account fully secured you need to take more appropriate steps. Here we are telling certain things that need to be followed to secure changes in Yahoo mail password:

  • To identify every suspicious activity in your email account from different locations you need to regularly check your Yahoo account info page.
  • It's highly recommended to update Yahoo security settings on a regular basis as it is important for enabling 2-step verification and also to preventing unauthorized access.

How to change Yahoo Password option? is available to the account holder to prevent any kind of data loss in case of unauthorized access to the email account.

Yahoo Account Key works like 2-step verification, but the process of enabling is totally different and it play important role to the users, if somebody asks I can't change my Yahoo password?

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