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Stimulate Your Reading Experience with Amazon Kindle Support

Kindle e-book is a revolutionary technology that has changed the way of people to read the books, newspaper, magazines, etc. This is the advanced technology for the people who are fond of reading and traveling, as these e-books are portable. Launched around five years ago and till today it is a most in-demand product from Amazon. It is a very nice product from Amazon and price is also pocket-friendly. There are various devices launched from Amazon Kindle in this e-book series. Have a look:

Reading books through Kindle is fun, but to make your experience better register yourself on the Kindle. Amazon Kindle customer service 800 is there to help you in the registration process and also it is the helpline to manage kindle service in better way.

Moreover, if you bump into any problems with your kindle or Kindle Fire device then you can seek help from Amazon kindle support number.

Kindle Issues Resolve @ Technical Support

Kindle Fire stuck on logo

Kindle fire stuck on logo, you may stumble upon this type of problems while using your device. Also, there can be various reasons for this. To troubleshoot this kind of errors, first, connect your device to a charger and after charging for nearly half an hour remove the charger. Now, by pressing the restart button switch ON the device. See if it is starting normally, or you may need to hold it for 40 seconds to go into the recovery menu. At this time your device should be plugged in into the charger.

App Keep Crashing Continuosly

Stuck in the app crashing error? To solve this problem simple follow the steps- Go to Settings > Apps & Games > Manage All Applications and look for the app creating an error. After this, click on “Force stop” the app option and clear the cache. If this method doesn’t work, uninstall the app via Settings > Apps & Games > Manage All Applications > [App name] > Uninstall and restart your device by holding down the Power button and reinstall the app.

Kindle Keyboard typing Issue

Many users face the problem like their kindle fire tablet fails to type in right manner. Sometimes it deletes words, type unwanted character or skip pages by itself. To solve this problem clean the touchscreen on your screen using a microfiber cloth. Make sure there are no air bubbles in the screen guard. Moreover, you can try a factory reset, but your all data can be lost in this process. So, backup your data first before doing it. To reset, click - Settings > Device > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset.

Device Not Charging

Kindle Fire HD owners come across various battery-related problems. Issues like device not charging occur most probably. To solve this type of issue press the power button for a short span 20 seconds and power of the device. After it plugs into the charger and ensures that you are using original power cable you got with your Kindle Fire. If still the issue is not resolved to try another charger or the same charger with another device to make sure it's working.

Device not Connecting to PC

“Your device has either stopped responding or has been disconnected.” Getting this type of notification and facing trouble while connecting your Kindle fire device to desktop or laptop? If you want to deal with such obstacles, then try by removing the power cords from your system and turn off both the devices i.e. your Kindle e-book reader and your computer system. Before doing this, fully charge your device and also try a different cable to connect.

Email ID not working on Kindle

Many users come across the same issue that their email addresses are not working properly on Kindle fire device. According to various users, the email works for the small time period and then shows error. This problem is most probably caused by native email app on Kindle Fire. To troubleshoot this problem, try a free third-party email app like Kaiten Mail or K-9 Mail.

Kindle Device Freezes during Use

To troubleshoot freezing and power problem while using Kindle Fire HD or HDX, reboot your device by pressing the power button for twenty seconds and then holding it again to turn on the device back. Press the power button for 20 seconds and as the device is switched off, plug in the charger and hold the power button on the device to make it back.

Kindle Device Keep Shutting Down

To cure this problem, making sure your device battery is fully charged, reset the tablet by holding down the power button of the device for 20 seconds. If the issue is just that screen goes off, then move to- Settings > Display > Screen Timeout and set it to higher.

Device not Connecting to Wi-Fi

If your Kindle Fire HD is not connecting to a Wi-Fi network then there can be various reasons for it and you can do a couple of things to solve this problem. First of all, tap the power button for 20 seconds and shut down the device when asked. Also turn off your router for some time. Now turn on both the things back again and reboot the device.

Sound Problem Through Speakers

Issues with speakers or headphones on Kindle Fire HD device is a completely different issue. You can try to troubleshoot it by checking Settings > Display & Sounds. After it, if the problem is not resolved- plug in your headphones and unplug them. Also, you can reboot the tablet by switching off the system completely and again turn it on.

Third-Party Kindle Support Phone Number 24*7 Helpline

Kindle is a hardy device so chances of technical issues are few, but people who are using this device and facing any technical problem may avail customer support via Kindle phone number.

Appropriate customer service is necessary for the functioning of your device. The team of experts provides complete support for Kindle devices. Amazon Kindle also provides help to its customers by the means of Amazon help phone number. Moreover, expert technicians are able to handle all the issues related to a Kindle e-reader.

Ways to Connect Kindle Help and Customer Service

All possible glitches that can stop the functioning of this device can be resolved at Amazon Kindle help. The problems may frustrate a user, but their solution is very easy. You just need to contact customer support to resolve all the issues. Here, various ways are given, from where you can take instant support for Kindle issues.

Step 1- Amazon help and customer service

Stuck at any point or problem on Kindle? You need to contact Amazon help by going to their official page. Hereafter sign up the process, a window will open in front of you with the list of products. Choose your product, and after choosing it another list of problems related to this will be open in front of you. From this select the issue you stumble upon.

Step 2- Amazon Help Form

If you are unable to find the solution of your problem on the help page, then Connect to Amazon Kindle help forum. Here, register yourself and give a brief about your problem so that customer service experts can provide you a complete solution for your glitches.

Step 3- Fill the Form

If your device is not enlisted with Amazon, then simply fill the form with all the required details. And in case, it is enlisted then move to the next step. From the menu explore the type of device you are using, and then the glitches that you facing with it.

Click on Kindle fire support number and fill the form there. From the menu explore the type of device you are using, and what problems you are facing in it.

Step 4- Follow the Help Content

After completing the procedure in above-given step, some information will appear on your screen and will provide info about the work procedure that how the whole system works. If you are not interested in reading the given information click continue and proceed to the next step.

Step 5- Select a Contact Method

In next step, you will reach here and you will be asked to contact Kindle tech support number. Choose any contact method from the option given below-

Kindle Helpline Phone Numbers:

Customer support service is availed by Amazon to provide a quick fix to all the customers if they stumble upon any matter linked to their Kindle e-book reader. A number of ways are offered by Kindle to connect, as through voice and live-chat process. All the queries or complaint you have regarding your e-book will be solved by official authorities of Amazon. And the best thing about their customer service is, that they are available 24/7 and 365 days a year for help and support of customers. To contact Amazon licensed authorities through phone, the contact numbers are given below.

  • Kindle Customer Service Number (UK): 10800-2796620
  • Kindle fire Customer Service Number (U.S): 1-888-569-2760
  • Kindle Customer Support Number( Global): 1-206-266-2992

Postal Address:

Those customers who want to communicate by means of the letter with customer support executives need to send a letter to the postal address of corporate office. Also, if you want fast response to your letter then company prescribes to connect with Kindle customer service division. Here is the postal address: Attn: Kindle Customer Service Division1200 12th Ave. South Suite 1200Seattle, WA 98144

Contact Amazon Kindle Official Website:

Amazon Kindle official website is for the people who want to explore new products, purchase a new product or want to review the best e-books in Kindle section. Here, users also get an option of FAQs as an advantage. is the link to Kindle official website.

Connect Kindle Email Support:

Before sending an email to Kindle authorities you need to register with Amazon. After registration, connect with customer services department by clicking on the link given below. After the link is opened, write down your queries or complain in the mail and send it to executives. Within 24 hours you will receive a valid response from Amazon team.

Email link to connect with Kindle customer support executives:

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