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MagicJack Support- Get Away With Technical Hiccups

MagicJack is a service provider that uses a USB port to connect to your computer and enable you to make unlimited phone calls to the U.S. and Canada (from any country where you are using this device).

MagicJack also offers an application for iPhone and Android, so many people are also using this application for free calling.

Like any other device or application, MagicJack device also shows some problem when used by people.

So if you are looking information related MagicJack services here MagicJack customer service is available. Users can contact on the toll-free number of MagicJack to get instant support.

We listen to our users patiently and give an instant solution to all the problems related to MagicJack. If you do not find the solution to your specific problem then just contact MagicJack customer service number we will help you out.

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Common Issues Related to MagicJack

A MagicJack is an electronic device and sometimes electronic devices are faulty, because manufacturing not goes perfect every time. There have been problems with the device and services. However, issues depend on usability and also differ from customer to customer. But users don’t need to worry as MagicJack tech support number is always available for users to help them out with their problems. Below listed are some common issues that user face and MagicJack provide support in-

Troubleshoot Steps for MagicJack

MagicJack is a device which allows you to make and receive local and long distance phone calls. Just plug it into your computer and set up an account to begin using the phone. Like all other service MagicJack is also not exempt from problems. Although, MagicJack support has a customer service, tech support helpline, live chat options but you can also troubleshoot problems by following simple steps. Below mentioned are some steps if your MagicJack is not working properly:

1- Unplug MagicJack, and wait for few moments and plug it back. Still if your computer does not display a message that it has found new hardware try using a different USB port.

2- Restart your computer. A simple restart frequently fixes software problems.

3- Browse to a Web page to verify that your Internet connection is working. MagicJack cannot run without an active Internet connection.

4- Update MagicJack software by going into the menu which may correct any problems the device have due to outdated software.

5- If you have access to another computer then plug in MagicJack into it. This will allow you to see if you have a problem with the device itself.

MagicJack Customer Service Phone Number

If you are looking for best tech support for your MagicJack device and application then you are at right place. MagicJack technical support offers the best service regarding all your problems and give instant solution for all your problems. Our experts have years of experience in tech support and are always available. Just give a call to MagicJack customer service phone number.

Benefits of MagicJack Support Phone Number

  • Clear Voice Quality
  • 24X7 Availability
  • Affordable Services
  • Expert Assistance

How to Contact MagicJack Tech Support?

1- Live Chat

You can easily solve your problems with the help of live chat. The self-help MagicJack technical support portal will assist you with your issues that you may come across.

2- Social Media Platforms

Users can also contact to the MagicJack customer support experts through various social media platform. Our services are available on the following platforms-

Facebook: https://www.facebook .com/magicjackApp/

Twitter: /magicjack

3- Community Forum/Blogs

Users can also online discuss their problems on our community forum or also can hold conversations in the form of posted messages.MagicJack support blog is always available for more information.

FAQ'S Related to MagicJack

Que 1
How to solve Error 1 issue MagicJack?

A. When error 1 occurs with your MagicJack, it means that you are not connected to the Internet. You need to make sure that your modem/router/switch is powered on and the port you have connected to the MagicJack is functioning correctly. Also you need to make sure that one end of the Ethernet cable is plugged into your modem/router/switch and the other end into your MagicJack. For more support users can contact MagicJack support number.

Que 2
How to solve Error 404 in MagicJack?

A. - Open Control Panel
- Click on the Internet Option
- Now click on CONNECTIONS tab
- In the next step click LAN settings button
- UNSELECT the box under the Proxy Server section
- Now, SELECT Automatically Detect Settings (Optional)

Que 3
How to solve Error 23 Code problem with MagicJack?

A. Error 23 code problem is related to the router configuration. Make certain changes with your router configuration to remove this error. If the problem is solved by this way then directly contact MagicJack live chat.

Que 4
Q. What to do when my MagicJack App expire?

A. Go to your smart phone and delete the MagicJack app, then re-install it.

Que 5
What is my MagicJack phone number?

A. When you register for MagicJack you will be prompted to select a telephone number. If you do not select a telephone number MagicJack will automatically assign you a magic number. You also have the option to change to a regular telephone number by logging into your account. If still you are unable to know about your telephone number then instantly contact MagicJack customer care.

Que 6
What to do when incoming calls not working on MagicJack?

A. Try calling it from different phones, i.e., mobile phones and from different service carriers. In this way you can figure out if some networks work and others don’t. Write down the announcement/signal and which network gave you the announcement. Contact MagicJack support phone number and tell them what you found out. In this way you can get the solution of your problem.

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